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Question – Should you have to pre-register to comment?

Should you have to pre-register before you are allowed to comment on a blog?

This question has caused a small debate in our office.

If you don’t force the registration, then Spammers can take over the Blog and add trackback & pingback links.

If you do allow instant access, then our readers will be able to post comments right away and see the comment post.

So tell us your opinion!

Please use the “no comments” or “comments” link on the posted in line below.

You will be asked to fill in a name and e-mail (this notifies PMP that a comment has been posted) when you post your comment).

I have  adjusted the settings to allow your comments to be posted instantly.


The Russians are coming, the Russians are spamming! At least once a day I am deleting the spam!

I will still keep the restrictions off and hope that I catch & delete all the spam crap.

I also want to thank all the ED product Spammers for visiting my Blogs and adding their links!  That gives me an opportunity to work on my blogs every day to delete your postings.

Wow! We are now getting about 15 ED related posting every night!  I have turned off the ability to comment on two blogs that seem to have attracted the attention of the spammers.

I am spending too much time deleting spam. I still want people to be able to post comments without pre-registering but I also want to control the publishing of the spam. You can still comment without pre-registering, but all posts will have to be approved before they are published, so I can delete the spam.


6 Responses to “Question – Should you have to pre-register to comment?”

  1. guest Says:

    I have no personal preference. However, people may not want to go through the registration just to comment on one blog..just my thought.

  2. guest Says:

    If the registration process is simple than the registration should be kept

  3. Mike Perrault Says:

    I just turned off the user log-on function to see how easy it is to leave a comment.

  4. pat Says:

    This is much easier to use.

  5. IDA Says:

    The easier the process, the more apt people will be to post his/her comments on any one blog.

  6. Mike Perrault, P.E. Says:

    The pre-registration process is still off and we just received a comment on the “Septic system design by a professional engineer” Blog. Check it out….. it is in Russian!