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What qualities do you look for?

You have finally decided that it is time to replace your old septic system. You have been told by the local Board of Health that you need to hire a Civil Engineer and a bunch of other stuff that you forgot as soon as you left the office.

Your friends aren’t much help either.

What are the qualities that you are going to look for as part of your decision to hire a civil engineer?

Price?  Reputation? Knowledge? Recommendation? Local Firm?

Are you going to just hire a contractor and let him hire the engineer? oops! you may not want to do that, especially if you are concerned about the Price!

There is a regional furniture store that has a marketing jingle, “Quality, comfort and price, that’s nice”?

So tell me, what qualities do you look for?

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One Response to “What qualities do you look for?”

  1. Mike Perrault Says:

    One of our septic system repair design projects for a condominium complex required a submission to the local Conservation Commission, the following, is from my client’s e-mail,

    “I attended the meeting of the EB Conservation Commission this evening along with Mike Perrault of PMP Associates. Mike was fully prepared and made a clear, concise presentation to the Board. My role was simply to hand over a check for the legal ad which I performed with grace and skill!

    The decision was made in our favor. We can now proceed on the project.”